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The Feet Guide is an online resource for people who are interested in learning about shoes, socks, and the overall health of their feet. On this website, we review various products that are helpful for our feet like shoes, boots, sandals, socks etc. Along with reviewing products, we also provide informational articles that provide helpful information about different things related to their feet.

Charles Adam

Charles Adam - Founder and Writer at thefeetguide.com

Charles Adam is the Founder and Editor at The Feet Guide. He lives in Bloomington, a small city in Hennepin County, Minnesota.
He was trying to find some information on the internet about his shoes, and he couldn’t find any helpful information. So, he decide to start this website to provide helpful content that will give the users information they need.
In his free time, he likes to Ice Fishing. He is also involved in Hockey and loves to watch the NHL.

Tessa Reynolds

Tessa Reynolds - Writer at The Feet Guide

Tessa is a Denver-based content writer who likes to do Skiing in the mountains and ski resorts of Colorado. She likes to write about so many things including shoes and boots. Tessa joined The Feet Guide in 2022, and now she is helping to produce high-quality content that is focused on the needs of our readers.