Best Insoles for Military and Army Boots in 2023

If you are serving in the military or army, your feet are one of your most important assets; therefore, otherwise, it’s recommended you purchase the best boots and boot insoles available for your specific job and operational role.

The best insoles can make walking around more accessible and more enjoyable while also improving the overall quality of your boots.

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When it comes to choosing the best insoles for military boots, many things have to be considered.

There are also various options on the market ranging from simple foam insoles to fully customizable orthotics.

The below-mentioned list will help you find the best insoles for military and army boots this 2023, so check it out.

Best Insoles for Military & Army Boots

Insoles for Military Boots

Dr. Scholl’s Work Massaging Gel Advanced Insoles

Dr. Scholl’s Work Massaging Gel Advanced Insoles are designed explicitly with massaging gel technology for people living active lifestyles.

If you’re on your feet all day, you know how important it is to have the right kind of support beneath your feet.

These insoles feature a contoured arch design to properly align the feet while providing cushioning where it’s needed most for a more comfortable step.

Plus, they help prevent overpronation and control excessive foot motion.

Made with responsive-wave cushioning to reduce stress on hard or uneven surfaces, these insoles help support the arch for greater comfort.

The reinforced construction and durable design also make these insoles a welcome travel companion during your military service, guaranteeing their durability.

The heel is made with extra gel specially designed with Massaging Gel that is softer and bouncier, giving you an enhanced cushioning and support experience.

These Gel Waves move and shift with you, fully dispersing pressure across the front of the insole, allowing you to move more with less pain.

It also has cooling vents to ensure your feet do not get hot and moist inside your tactical boots.

However, some stated that Dr. Scholl’s Work Massaging Gel Advanced Insoles are pretty thin, so they don’t provide the best cushioning.

  • Contoured arch design
  • Responsive-wave cushioning
  • Durable reinforced construction
  • Extra gel on heels
  • Cooling vents
  • Lacks cushioning

PowerStep Pinnacle Insoles

The PowerStep Pinnacle Insoles provide maximum, immediate pain relief for aching feet and legs, help prevent foot-related injuries, and enhance comfort levels for all active duty service members.

These insoles are specially designed to provide the arch with maximum support during long walks in boots while keeping feet comfortable and relaxed throughout outdoor training exercises.

They are the ideal orthotic inserts for pain associated with plantar fasciitis, mild to moderate pronation, metatarsal pain, heel and arch discomfort, flat feet, sore and tired feet, and other common foot conditions.

These boot insoles work to minimize shock and stabilize your arch while providing the ultimate heel cushioning to relieve pain due to these conditions.

It has a firm yet flexible semi-rigid arch support shell to provide greater motion control, while its deep heel cradle increases motion control and enhances the overall support.

Furthermore, the PowerStep Pinnacle Insoles feature a durable EVA foam base and plush top layer, paired with Variable Cushioning Technology, which provides a dual layer of targeted and controlled cushioning.

This helps you walk longer and stronger while increasing support under the foot at high-pressure points for increased stability.

In addition, the step-in comfort design offers enhanced comfort throughout your entire military service.

Even so, many people have pointed out that although the top cushioning layer enhances comfort in the shoes, they are not very durable and tend to wear out quickly.

  • Alleviates foot pain
  • Semi-rigid arch support
  • Deep heel cradle
  • EVA foam base
  • Variable Cushioning Technology
  • Plush top layer
  • The top layer is not durable

Sof Sole Insoles

The Sof Sole Military Boot Insoles are designed to give you the support and comfort you need for long days on your feet without sacrificing comfort. 

A bonus is that these insoles are suitable for use with police boots and can withstand the rugged conditions of the outdoors.

They’re made with a 100% Polyurethane sole to provide lasting comfort, superior shock absorption, and ultimate durability. 

It protects the bottom of your shoes and offers a robust build, in addition, to its, solid soft underfoot feeling.

Besides that, the shock-absorbing gel in the forefoot provides exceptional cushioning and reduces contact stress on the feet while walking.

These insoles also have a built-in Skydex air bubble infusion system placed on the heels and arches that helps absorb impact and cushion each step. 

In addition, it provides extra stability allowing your feet to move freely and easily while walking.

To top it off, the COOLMAX fabric top cover on the Sof Sole Insoles wicks away moisture, so feet feel cool and dry. 

It also has antimicrobial properties that serve to inhibit odor-causing bacteria growth.

The only thing some people have observed is that the insoles underfoot are not grippy enough, causing them to slip and move slightly under the boots.

  • Polyurethane sole
  • Gel in forefoot
  • Skydex air bubble
  • COOLMAX fabric top cover
  • Durable and breathable
  • Tend to slip slightly

Walk Hero Plantar Fasciitis Feet Insoles

One of the biggest problems you might have while wearing military or army boots is getting plantar fasciitis or other similar conditions. 

The Walk Hero plantar fasciitis feet insoles will definitely take care of these problems and also will give you extra support to keep you going in your service and duties.

These insoles are specially created to relieve pain and discomfort caused by plantar fasciitis while promoting better foot alignment. 

It also reduces the pain caused by bunions, ball of foot pain, Achilles tendonitis, arthritis, diabetes, and a lot more.

Thanks to its semi-rigid orthotic arch support, it resists normal flexes that you tend to get when you walk or run for extended periods, thereby improving balance and skeletal alignment, all while preventing further damage and injuries.

It’s a terrific way to make sure that you’ll be in tip-top shape while saving your feet from potential future drawbacks of having flat feet or narrow arches.

Moreover, the deep heel cup maintains correct foot positioning and protects your heel during the heavy impact of landing during walking or running. 

It also stabilizes the foot while correcting overpronation or supination when walking or running.

They are made of premium EVA foam material that is excellent for shock absorption and pain relief; the fabric also helps keep your feet cool and lightweight, so your shoes won’t feel bulky.

With all the support the Walk Hero Feet Insoles deliver, the downside is that these don’t provide a lot of cushioning and can feel a bit too firm.

  • Relieves foot pain
  • Promotes better foot alignment
  • Semi-rigid orthotic arch support
  • Deep heel cup
  • Made of EVA foam
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Feels a bit too firm
Insoles for Military Boots

Happystep Memory Foam Insoles

If you suffer from foot pain or you want the most comfortable army boot insoles, the Happystep Memory Foam Insoles will have your feet feeling good in no time.

These are super soft, ultra-plush memory foam orthotics that contour to the shape of your feet and eliminate toe-dragging while walking around or running.

They are made of high-density memory foam that will provide you with excellent cushioning, support, and stability. 

In addition, its design explicitly provides firm, consistent support by redistributing weight evenly across your foot.

The foam used in these insoles is about ⅛-inch thick throughout the footbed, while the heel has a ¼-inch thickness.

This extra cushioning on the heels lifts the feet slightly, putting less stress on your tendon and better stability when standing or running. 

It also takes the pressure off of your Achilles tendon and supports your foot’s natural form, relieving plantar fasciitis and other foot problems in the process.

In addition, these insoles have orthopedic cushioned arch support designed to conform to the unique contour of your feet and provide support to people who have neutral or medium foot arch types.

The Happystep Memory Foam Insoles claim to rebound after two seconds; however, it tends to flatten down over time, thereby losing their cushioning in the long run.

  • Soft and comfortable
  • Excellent cushioning
  • Follows natural foot shape
  • Extra heel cushion
  • Cushioned arch support
  • Flattens down over time

What to Look for When Buying Insoles for Military & Army Boots


Quality materials should be one of your top priorities when buying insoles for your boots. 

You want to make sure that if you purchase insoles for your boots, you will choose the best quality that will last.

Insoles made of cheaper materials may peel off or show signs of wear over time due to dirt or substandard applications used to create them.

On the other hand, high-quality insoles are made to last despite being under constant abuse for an extended period.

Be aware of the different materials that are used on each type of boot insole. Most insoles are made of foam, gel, and other synthetic materials.

Boot insoles made of foam are the most comfortable because they can provide cushioning and shock absorption.

Many kinds of foam are used in making insoles, such as EVA, polyurethane, memory foam, etc.

The type of foam used can make a big difference in the comfort and fit of your new insoles.

EVA is soft, lightweight, and flexible, while polyurethane is dense and heavier. Each one has its own purpose and use. Options are plentiful, so find the foam that’s right for you.

However, foam insoles are also not the most breathable and accumulate sweat, dirt, and moisture over time.

If you need maximum shock absorption, take advantage of a high-density footbed made of advanced technology like gel.

Gel insoles are designed to minimize pain and injuries with their high level of shock absorption; they also help in the effective distribution of shock across your foot.

They are also a lot more durable than foam insoles and will not wear out quickly, so it is a better choice if you serve in the military for an extended time.

A well-made insole will provide long-term protection for your boots while also helping keep them feeling new through frequent use.

Arch and Heel Support

It is essential for military and army boots to use the best boot insoles to provide cushioning and shock absorption. 

These insoles also help relieve the pain and stress caused by wearing military boots for a long time.

Look for boot insoles that offer targeted support on the high-impact areas, such as the arches of your feet and the heels.

When buying insoles for your boots, it is essential to check the arch support it offers; otherwise, you might need another one with better arch support.

Wearing a pair of uncomfortable boots while doing duties makes your feet sore no matter how well-fitted the boots are; however, you can reduce foot pain with the proper insoles.

Insoles that offer sufficient arch support improve your stability and comfort while wearing military boots and reduce a lot of pain and discomfort, especially if you’re going to do a lot of strenuous activities on the field.

Another thing to pay attention to is the heel support of the boot insoles.

The heel is one of the essential parts of your boot. Unfortunately, it takes a lot of abuse, supporting your body weight daily, and experiencing constant impacts with every step you take. 

Heel support is necessary to hold the foot in the correct position; it also helps prevent and alleviate heel pain and provides proper support for the foot while also reducing strain in the long run.

That’s why your boot insole must have sufficient heel support.

Final Words

The importance of a good pair of insoles for military boots cannot be stressed enough.

Military boots are made for intensive and rigorous use – they have to be durable, strong, comfortable, and functional. That is why it is crucial to provide your feet with the appropriate support and comfort they need.

Choosing the right insoles for your army boots is a critical step you can take to improve the comfort and longevity of your military boots, so take the time to consider all the things discussed above and feel free to check out the products cited.

Q-1 Why are insoles important for military and army boots?

Insoles are important for military and army boots because they provide additional cushioning and support, helping to reduce fatigue and prevent injuries during long marches and training exercises.

Q-2 What should I look for in insoles for military and army boots?

When choosing insoles for military and army boots, look for insoles with good arch support, cushioning, and shock absorption. They should also be durable, lightweight, and moisture-wicking to keep feet dry and comfortable.

Q-3 Can I use regular insoles in my military and army boots?

Regular insoles can be used in military and army boots, but they may not provide the necessary level of support and protection needed for rigorous activities. It’s recommended to use insoles specifically designed for military and army boots.

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