Best Ice Hockey Skates for Flat Feet: Updated List for 2023

Ice hockey players differ from each other regarding their skills, styles, and preferences when playing on the rink.

However, one thing that they can all agree on is the importance of wearing the right ice hockey skates.

No matter what level and position you are playing on the ice, make sure to wear the proper equipment that fits you best. On the other hand, another problem arises for players with flat feet.

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Buying ice hockey skates for flat feet can be challenging since they have specialized needs for comfort, all while hunting for the ice skates for flat feet that will give them the best performance.

To make this task easier for you, we have made a list of some of the best ice hockey skates for flat feet that are currently available this 2023 and are both comfortable and efficient, enabling you to perform your best.

Best Ice Hockey Skates for Flat Feet

Bauer Supreme 3S Pro Skate Senior

The Supreme 3S Pro Skate Senior is designed to give the players maximized speed and agility. Whatever position you are playing, these skates have got you covered.

With flat feet players in mind, Bauer has introduced their three-fit systems. In particular, the Fit 3 is specially made to accommodate flat feet having the widest width out of the three options. These skates also use a Performance Fit System designed to give the players the perfect fit.

Besides that, the fully thermoformable 3D Lasted Curv composite boot is there to give a game-ready feel. It conforms to the feet as heat and pressure arise, giving you a more customized fit.

The skate features a Tuuk LS Pulse premium-grade steel engineered with a high polish mirror finish to provide superior glide for increased speed. Likewise, the height of the skate has been elevated to create a better attack angle.

Along with the runner is the Lightspeed Edge with LS Pulse Blade for a quick and easy blade-changing process.

The Supreme 3S Pro has a Flex rating of 80 which means it has a stiffer forefoot. This is highly ideal for players with flat feet as it enables them to gain a high level of support and stability. This also creates better responsiveness and enhanced energy transfer on the lower portion of the skates.

Bauer Vapor 2X Pro Skate Senior

If you are looking for ice hockey skates for flat feet that will give you the most power, then go for the Bauer Vapor 2X Pro Skate Senior instead.

These skates utilize Bauer’s Dynaflex Ultimate Performance System, which has a very slight flex to the forefront of the skates rather than being stiff. This little flex enables the player to gain more control and overall comfort, allowing the skates to conform naturally to the feet.

You will also find an Aero Foam PRO Memory Foam on the ankle for added support and comfort. 

It uses a 3D-lasted CARBON CURV Composite boot construction, which gives you a perfect and snug fit and delivers sufficient ankle and heel support. This will further help players with flat feet gain stability and comfort.

In addition, it has a new Recoil Pro Dual injected tongue, which adds more forefront flex resulting in a broader range of motion and more powerful strides. It also has a unique asymmetrical toe cap that is a little shorter and a toe box that is slightly longer. This helps in optimizing push-off power and increasing speed.

The Bauer Vapor 2X Pro Skate Senior uses a TUUK LS5 carbon-coated stainless steel that is slightly taller for improved turning control. It also has a longer sharpening life and prevents corrosion. 

In combination with the runners, these skates have LightSpeed EDGE holders that are slightly taller than the other models utilizing LightSpeed holders.

Even though the Vapor line by Bauer is known to have a narrower fit, no need to worry if you have flat feet. These skates are also available in the Fit 3 option, so they can still fit your flat and also ice skates for wide flat feet well. 

CCM Super Tacks AS3 Pro

The CCM Super Tacks AS3 Pro has a one-piece boot technology to provide both direct energy transfer and a closer fit. 

It has 360 degrees anatomical shape eliminating any negative space around the skates for the best fit possible. It naturally conforms around the forefoot, heels, and ankle to accommodate every foot shape and size.

It is also available in EE size, specifically beneficial for players with flat feet with the most expansive footprint boot.

These skates feature a CCM OrthoLite Ultralite footbed for the ultimate comfort and support. This will give arch support that players with flat feet lack for a more comfortable feel and prevent foot pain and fatigue. 

On the other hand, the midsole is made with composite material delivering an enhanced blade-to-foot energy transfer for more powerful movements and glides. It also has a one-piece injected tendon guard, which is a thick pad around the top of the boot.

This padding hugs the foot and ankle for added support while adding durability to the collar.

In addition, you will find a multi-density memory foam on the ankles which gives support that naturally wraps around the ankles for a locked-in fit that feels snug.

These skates feature a TotalDri Pro+ liner with Durazone Abrasion Protection to wick away sweat and moisture from the feet as well as provide abrasion resistance to withstand wear and rubbing. 

The runner is made with an XS1 Black premium blade with oxide treatment with a longer edge life and 12% more height than standard blades for better turns and performance.

Bauer Supreme Ultrasonic Skate Senior

The Supreme Ultrasonic Skate Senior is on top of Bauer’s proudest and most advanced creation to date and one of their most expensive products. 

These skates use a 3D Lasted Carbon Curved Composite Quarter Package like their previous models in the Supreme line. However, they have upgraded it to be more responsive to heat and pressure, enabling a more efficient molding process for literally the best fit. 

It provides an anatomically correct fit to accommodate every foot shape, especially wide and flat feet, and closer to the foot feel for better responsiveness.

Besides that, these skates have a Lock Fit Pro liner designed to keep the feet in the correct position. This dramatically helps players with flat feet as it helps them center out their feet to gain more stability and support while playing.

Along with the liner, a new Aerofoam Pro Interior padding is placed around the ankles for added comfort and support.

It is also combined with a Reflex tendon guard that helps in eliminating any foot discomfort and preventing injuries by protecting and supporting the ankles, all while providing flexibility so you can still move, turn, and glide freely.

The Supreme Ultrasonic skates feature an LS Pulse TI Edge Runner with a power profile designed to be durable, provide a tighter turn radius, and increase glide speed.

These skates have a stiffer forefoot construction garnering a flex rating of 90. This also makes them suitable for flat feet as the added support and stiffness provide maximized stability and balance that players with flat feet tend to struggle with.

Again, these skates, like all of Bauer’s ice hockey skates, are available in Fit 1 for narrow feet, Fit 2 for standard size, and Fit 3 for players with flat feet.

CCM Ribcor 80k              

The CCM Ribcor 80k is designed with comfort and performance in mind. 

It features a 3D-lasted composite quarter that provides excellent forward flex yet possesses great side-to-side stability. This enables players with flat feet to gain balance and strength while turning and gliding. It also helps increase speed and power thanks to its stiff forefront.

Besides that, these skates highlight its FlexFrame Technology which is used by pros such as Sidney Crosby, Matt Duchene, and Nathan MacKinnon.

This technology is famous among all players because of its stiff profile providing a locked fit yet having the ability to conform to the natural contours of the feet for a comfortable feel.

It has a variable flex core of 175-185  which offers an excellent fit and enhanced biomechanics with every stride enabling you to move freely without risking injuries.

These skates also have a TotalDri Pro + Liner with Durazone abrasion protection to keep the feet dry and protect the skates from regular wear and tear for longer-lasting durability.

Additionally, you will find a smooth Contour Pro pad around the collar of the boot. This extra padding provides support to the ankles, which is advantageous for flat feet. It also has an ADPT memory foam placed around the ankles for even further support and comfort.

The skates have a CCM Orthomove, which are customized arch support inserts. Depending on how much arch support you need, these inserts are there to accommodate your foot shape for an enhanced fit.

The CCM Ribcor 80k has an SB XS1 Black premium blade with oxide treatment. It is known to be harder than regular blades, has a longer edge, and has 12% more height for improved performance.

TRUE TF9 Skate 

The TRUE TF9 Skate was another newer release in 2020. It is designed to provide elite performance, best-in-class fit, and ultra-lightweight comfort.

These skates utilize TRUESHELL technology which is a co-molded carbon fiber and thermoplastic one-piece shell construction. What these do is that they create a thermoformable boot allowing for a customized fit.

Apart from that, it provides a high level of protection due to its shell to withstand wear and rubbing and deliver reinforcement on high-impact areas all while maintaining a super lightweight feel.

You will also find a Hydrofoam liner with efficient moisture-wicking and antimicrobial properties to keep the feet dry and fresh. The liner is made with multi-density foam construction for added comfort and protection against shock and impacts.

The insole has foam inserts to accommodate low, mid, and high arch feet, which gives players with flat feet a variety of options to get their most comfortable fit.

The TRUE TF9 Skate uses SHIFT Onyx black steel runners featuring a black-coated finish for longer-lasting blades to help you perform your best.

Ice Hockey Skates for Flat Feet

Final Thoughts

Ice hockey skates are one of the most expensive investments that you will make. These hockey equipment are typically on the pricier side, so make sure to get the best value out of your bucks. 

The products mentioned above are all flat feet approved for comfort and functionality.

It all comes down now to your personal preferences, whether you want ice hockey skates that will bring out your speed, agility, or power. 

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