Best Golf Shoes for Flat Feet: Complete & Updated List for 2023

You don’t like playing your favorite sport if you feel uncomfortable with the shoes you’re landing on, don’t you?

If you have flat feet, you will only feel terrible moving around, especially when you play golf – a game that requires proper body posture and execution to hit your ball correctly.

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Overpronation or flat feet may suck, but we can help you to relieve that problem!

Having trouble with the shoes you’re using in playing golf will only interfere with your focus and drive to play golf.

You didn’t come to the wrong article because we enlisted the best golf shoes for flat feet you choose from here. Sit back and finish this guide that’s worth your time!

Best Golf Shoes for Flat Feet

Skechers Go Golf Drive 4 Shoes

The Go Gold Drive 4 Golf Shoes of Skechers can help you relieve your flat feet problems.

It’s made with 100% leather that provides comfort for the foot inside the shoe and makes it comfortable for the user to step in the shoe while playing your favorite sport, golf. 

The golf ball must not hit the flag after you use your golf club to make your move. Imagine hitting the ball with discomfort on your feet: you’ll lose focus on your estimation of where the ball should go.

While your flat feet can be much of your concern, it wouldn’t be a problem with these shoes because it has an ultra-light foam that provides comfort on your feet while stepping around.

You wouldn’t feel like your flat feet are restricted from motion because these shoes are spikeless and have shaft measures approximately mid-top from the arch. You’ll feel comfortable while in these shoes, and these are water-resistant, too.

Your flat foot needs arch support, and these shoes can provide you with that help. It has a rubber sole and design that looks fashionable at the same time and comes in three different colors.

These shoes’ problem is their sizing and material; they may run small when worn, and leather may not be of the most excellent quality if you don’t take such good care.

ECCO Women’s Biom Hybrid 3 Gore-tex 

A nice pair of golf shoes for flat feet is the ECCO Biom Hybrid 3 Gore-tex. It comprises 100% leather with a synthetic sole that feels soft and light when stepped on.

The YAK leather is a solid and lightweight material that contributes to breathability and durability when used inside the golf course.

While women are very much concerned with the color and design of their shoes, these golf shoes for flat feet can make it up to their expectations to save their flat feet from being uncomfortable while playing because it comes in various colors with fashionable designs.

Let’s say it rains while you play: if your shoes are soaking wet, it would only annoy you, right? But ECCO’s GORE-TEX waterproof technology will put your golf shoes away from being soaked with water in case it happens.

Simultaneously, it has combined optimized breathability and protection against elements you may encounter while your shoes are on your feet.

The Tri-Fi-Grip features the golf shoes’ three different ones – stability, durability, and support. The shoes will save your flat feet from encountering obstacles that will make you feel distressed with all these.

The Biom Natural Motion will bring you closer to the ground with their anatomical last technology, and you won’t feel restricted while wearing them.

Despite their excellent features, these shoes may pronate your flat feet a bit further, depending on your comfort level.

golf shoes for flat feet

FootJoy Women’s Pro/SL Golf Shoes

The FootJoy Pro/SL Golf Shoes for Women comprise 100% textile with a synthetic sole that provides comfort for your flat feet.

While the Chromoskin leather was made lightweight, supple, durable, and 100% waterproof, it also has exceptional stability to support women’s flat feet while hitting their golf ball on the golf course.

The stability these shoes provide has a perimeter weighted outside that allows for added lightweight comfort on the feet, in which you won’t feel like you’re wearing shoes all day long after hours have passed wearing them.

While your feet require arch support, these shoes have a shaft that measures approximately mid-top from the arch to support your flat feet throughout the day.

The laser plus fit feature offers a full rounded toe character with the standard fit across the instep and forefoot, with a slightly narrow heel.

This feature can relieve your flat feet issues as the thicker insole provides increased underfoot cushioning for enhanced comfort while walking on the golf course.

There’s a one-piece outsole combining two blends of fine-tuned foam for cushioning with a TPU molded sole traction. These soles are perfect for on-course performance for their versatile traction. However, these shoes may run small with your foot size.

PUMA Ignite Fasten8

Both males and females can wear the PUMA Ignite Fasten8 shoes, and your flat feet can feel cared about if you wore these shoes on the golf course.

These golf shoes are made with a synthetic sole, and the FASTEN8-Advanced Nylon straps are integrated with the lacing system to wrap and lock the foot, providing a secured, personalized fit for your flat feet. These come in various colors, and all designs are made fashionable for the wearer.

While your flat feet require support, their ignite foam offers revolutionary and proprietary midsole foam that makes up for energy return and responsive comfort to aid your flat feet from feeling troubled.

Long-lasting cushioning and superior step-in comfort will push you to play on the golf course all day long.

These shoes are non-stretch waterproof with breathable mesh at the same time. If your feet are sweaty and tired after a long day, there will be no bad smell that will steam out from your shoes, and your feet will stay fresh at the end of the day.

The organically altered traction is strategically designed to provide you with more foot swing for grip and power, helping you stay focused and driven to hit your golf ball without foot discomfort.

Although these shoes provide exceptional features, they may be too much for your foot to handle.

FootJoy Women’s Fj Sport Retro Golf Shoes

While the other shoes are laced, these golf shoes are made with a retro design in which it is a step-in type without laces to be tied when worn for women.

It comprises 100% textile with a synthetic sole, and the quality it offers can make one player feel supported the whole game around.

Arch support is crucial for a flat feet person, and these shoes don’t fail to deliver the service for the same issue. The shaft measures approximately from the mid-top arch while being lightweight at the same time.

These shoes are spikeless, and the soft diamond stitch uppers offer comfort and durability for the user, protecting your flat feet from foreign objects to be stepped on.

The translucent outsole is composed of a soft rubber compound that provides flexibility and comfort when you try to fold your shoes (which isn’t necessary).

The molded rubber outsole has an excellent turf gripping performance because of the enhanced traction, and the comfort you’ll acquire will be the same in diverse playing actions.

Since these shoes aren’t laced, the foot’s top’s support may lack depending on your comfort tolerance. Nevertheless, these shoes are great in supporting your feet, whether they’re overpronated or not.

golf shoes for flat feet

Best Insoles for Golf Shoes

Flat feet can lead to Plantar Fasciitis, and this foot arch issue is a great traitor for players. This condition will make some players suffer, but various remedies provide your soles with comfort.

One remedy to help this issue with your flat feet is a good pair of insoles. Provided below are the best insoles for golf shoes to make you feel comfortable throughout the game.

EASYFEET Arch Support Insoles

These EasyFeet insoles provide high arch support for both men and women, and these minimize the pain for your flat feet.

Golf players can wear these orthotic inserts for any activity since their goal is to support their foot arch to relieve any pain or discomfort one feels.

If you play golf more often and your flat feet hurt you so much that you can’t focus on hitting the golf ball, you may want to purchase these insoles.

The high arch support’s premium quality is made of hard TPU and cushioning layer with PU memory foam base, which eliminates pressure from your feet after a long day of walking or running.

These insoles are also breathable, with 100% antibacterial features to avoid foot infections.

Dr. Scholl’s Sport Insoles

Dr. Scholl’s insoles provide superior shock absorption and arch support to reduce muscle fatigue and stress on your lower body joints.

These insoles are designed for those who participate in a range of athletic sports, and golf is one of them. 

What’s unique with these insoles is the massaging gel technology: these are what reduce the stress on your lower body, and while your lower extremities are being relieved, these insoles will also put your flat feet away from pressure.

These provide excellent support for improved motion and stability while on the golf course, and you can also use these in other sports.

The flexible arch shell offer responsive-wave cushioning, and your golf games won’t be as uncomfortable as they were before.

If you want to prevent yourself from acquiring plantar fasciitis (if you still haven’t), get yourself some excellent quality insoles for your golf shoes.

Final Thoughts

No one likes to have flat feet, especially if they feel discomfort. If coincidentally you have flat feet, it is best to get yourself a good pair of golf shoes for flat feet to walk on the whole day.

Your feet are those that take you to places you have never been before, and taking care of them is the only way you can return the favor they’ve given you.

Choosing the best golf shoes for flat feet is a game-changer for everything, and luckily you didn’t waste the chance to hop on to this article that helps you choose the best pair of golf shoes for you.

Hopefully, this article provided you with a clearer vision of which golf shoes for flat feet fit you best.

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