Best Cycling Shoes for Flat Feet: Updated List for Flat Feet

Cycling Shoes for Flat Feet design are made with a wider and more stable base to accommodate people with flat feet, who need additional support and comfort while riding. Accomplishing your regular dose of exercise outside would be challenging, especially with the troubling times we have now.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t exercise inside!

And although cycling is the perfect outside sport with the cool morning breeze or the quiet, there’s an exercise bike machine you can use in your home or at a gym with few people inside.

best cycling shoes flat feet

Shimano SH-RP5 Road Cycling Shoes

best premium shoe for flat feet

Giro Empire Acc Mens Road Cycling Shoe

The best shoe with a customizable fit

Bont men’s Cycling

best budget-friendly cycling shoe


best cycling shoe with a stretchy and supportive fit

R1 Infinito – Grey/Black Knitted

Of course, you can’t do cycling without the proper gear, especially if you have flat feet.

Note: When selecting cycling shoes for flat feet, it’s important to consider not only the fit but also the specific needs of your feet, riding style, and personal preferences.

So how to select which cycling shoes are good for flat feet? Keep reading to find out

Best Cycling Shoes for Flat Feet

BRONAX Men’s Stylish Graffiti Personality Sneakers

Just your usual sneakers that have been given personality from all of the designs you can choose from to take your fashion sense one step further!

From the name alone, style is what BRONAX gives the spotlight on as its Stylish Graffiti Personality Sneakers will make you want to work it on the runway with how much of your character will shine because of this shoe.

But its design is simple when you could easily slip it on while its shoelace system secures you.

Its outsole is guaranteed to be durable and thick, so you won’t have to be in trouble when you’re hiking up a mountain with your bike. It even has a decent amount of shock-absorbing features going on there, along with water resistance.

Decent, but not the best.

Because of this, BRONAX is not ideal for hiking or long biking since no one knows what could happen, right? So, it’s recommended you use this for casual wear instead.

And that’s where its features ended as BRONAX is revealed to lack any amount of ankle and heel support for your feet instead of merely cushioning them.

It has weak stitching, so maybe the outsole will be the only thing holding to its promise of durability in the entire shoe.

On top of all that, this is made with narrow feet in mind.

In the end, this just goes to show how a flashy style doesn’t instantly translate to quality, which is why you should be extremely careful in choosing your pair of shoes!

AVITUS Men’s Cycling Shoes MTB Shoes

You’d probably think this is another pair of sneakers, or even a knock-off Converse while you’re at it, but that’s not the case as AVITUS is a unique brand all on its own.

AVITUS is a nice blend between performance and comfort, as its familiar sneaker style is deemed to be designed for versatility while it does its job as a Mountain Bike (MTB) shoe.

Its soles are decked with support all over. 

The midsole is a reinforced nylon plate for excellent support while it’s lightweight enough to enable more efficient power transfer.

Strong, textured rubber is what makes up the outsole to grip whatever terrain you’ll happen to be on, especially with its anti-slip function that helps conserve more of your energy the entire time.

Although its stiffness is perfect for cycling, the sentiments don’t apply to walking as it’s sure to hinder your stroll, but not enough to ruin the experience whenever you’re on your feet.

Combine all of that with a breathable, shock-absorbing foot cushion, and you have the best candidate for cycling shoes out there made for flat feet in mind!

All of these features are expertly hidden underneath AVITUS’ incognito look that you won’t even realize they’re cycling shoes in the first place with how subtle they are!

But, other than its stiffness, you might find that the cleat can’t be reached by your clip with how it’s tucked in your sole.

You should check on it first before shimming it enough for you to clip it on.

best cycling shoes for flat feet

Vitatalpa Men’s Road Bike Cycling Shoes

This has the basics for a cycling shoe with Vitatalpa’s unique flare sneaking in.

Made out of breathable synthetic mesh that hugs your foot, Vitatalpa pushes for both comfort and durability when it features a nylon sole with wear resistance and the other pairs of shoes’ anti-slip from their rubber outsoles that grip whatever surface you’re on.

What made this different from the others in this selection is its boa locking system for security purposes.

It’s more or less an adjustable, rotating buckle you use in place from the standard shoe-lacing system paired with hook-and-loop straps for ease in slipping it on and having it stay on your feet.

VItatalpa’s compatible with both Shimano SPD and Look Delta for more variation in your options.

However, the cleat system does get loose quickly, which begs to be adjusted a lot each time, so prepare your well of patience if this one interests you.

Tommaso Pista Women’s Indoor Cycling Shoes

Before anything else, the phrase “indoor cycling” should be emphasized here, so you’re prohibited from bringing the Tommaso Pista anywhere outside!

As this promises to work best indoors, Tommaso Pista has dual cleat compatibility that does just that, so it can fit whatever standard pedal system of your class use.

On an important note, this gives you the option between Look Delta cleats (or Peloton Compatible) and SPD, so be careful in choosing which one works for you.

There’s also a cycling bundle you can choose from when you want both Look Delta and SPD on your cycling. Tommaso Pista even allows you the “shoe only” option if you don’t want any cleats!

However, despite all of this, durability is this cycling shoe’s weakness as the cleat system is known to get worn after only a few uses, so beware.

Going back to its features, Tommaso Pista has toe box ventilation to circulate the air inside the shoe and keep your foot cool and comfy with the help of the right amount of padding while working out, along with the ventilated mesh.

Keeping it all together is three ergonomic, low-profile Velcro straps for a precise fit and security.

But that’s not all, as there’s also a precision heel cup with a no-slip hold that grips your foot while providing adequate heel support.

However, just a heads up: the Tommaso Pista leans more for those with narrow feet, so maybe you should go a size higher to hopefully fit you properly.

In any case, this does have a two-year warranty. If you have any complaints, then Tommaso Pista would be sure to attend to it!

TIEM Slipstream Cycling Shoes

Last but not least is a pair of cycling shoes you probably heard being mentioned in your cycling circle that you might think it’s way too overrated.

But let’s see how good it is, shall we?

The Slipstream boasts itself as the original slip-on, with its single strap closure system made out of Velcro to get yourself all strapped in quickly and easily!

TIEM prioritizes comfort as it boosts your performance, which is why the Slipstream is made out of an engineered mesh and an athletic textile upper to allow your foot to breathe and keep itself cool during cycling sessions.

On top of that, as you’re probably aware of how cycling shoes can be, if not, then you’ll know how awkward it usually is to wear this kind of shoes for your day-to-day.

But, just like the AVITUS, you won’t have any of that awkwardness in-between getting to your bike as the SPD cleats (sold separately!) are not protruding due to the platform surrounding it.

Because of this, you’ll be able to wear this every day! Except for a run, of course, as the sole is stiff.

However, this comfort is double-edged.

With how soft the padding is inside, it makes you think of it more as cushioning instead of what’s supposed to be arch support.

So, although it makes itself out to be one of the best cycling shoes out there, it might not be the same for you if you have flat feet.

How to Buy the Best Cycling Shoes

Know the Difference

You probably noticed the variety of designs included in this selection, so let’s talk about their differences.

BRONAX is what started the list, and it’s the usual sneakers you can see in any mall or shop that are versatile in many ways, especially for exercise.

It’s versatile enough that you can use these on flat pedals when cycling, which is why you can call sneakers “flat shoes”.

Although versatile, that doesn’t mean it’s the best in everything, as there will always be something that concentrates more on a certain aspect than anywhere else.

That’s where the cycling shoes come in.

There are two classifications under cycling: the Mountain Bike (MTB) and the Road Bike shoes.

Of course, both have cleats, and they can even go clipless, depending on your preference.

But what makes them visibly different from each other is the level of awkwardness you have in wearing them.

Or, more specifically, when you’re walking in them.

Flat shoes are the best to walk on for obvious reasons, followed by MTB. 

Why is that?

Well, it’s all in the sole. Since MTB is built to go through any condition, it applies to walking in them because you won’t be able to ride your bike all the time, right?

Because of this concern, MTB has the cleats tucked in and surrounded by a platform from the sole, so you won’t even feel them poking out when you’re walking, as it’s also flexible enough to let you stroll around!

Prime examples of this are AVITUS and TIEM.

On the other hand, Road Bike only has a flat sole, so you can already imagine how much the cleat would be protruding the entire time you’re on the ground instead of on your bike.

As the cleats are protruding, it just makes it easier for them to be more sensitive to damage since they’re not protected.

However, this does make it lighter than MTB when cycling, which allows you to conserve your energy.

All of these kinds of shoes are more dependent on your preference, so there’s no “best” kind out of all of them.

Look for Support System

As someone who has flat feet, arch support plays a huge role in attaining comfort (or strengthening your arches depending on how you got your flat feet).

So, that arch support must already be given on whatever pair of cycling shoes you’ll find, especially with how cycling is taxing for your feet!

Be reminded that it should have that perfect balance of comfy and firm to have yourself comfortable the entire time you’re wearing your shoes.

Another matter that touches your comfort would be the kind of cycling shoes you’ll choose.

As you’ve read a brief compare and contrast between MTB and Road Bike, again, it’s up to you on which one you’ll go with.

best shoes for cycling

Frequently Asked Questions on Best Cycling Shoes for Flat Feet:

Q-1 What are the characteristics of the best cycling shoes for flat feet?

Cycling shoes designed for flat feet generally have a wider and more stable base, a low-density EVA midsole for cushioning, adjustable arch support, and a customizable fit.

Q-2 Are all cycling shoes suitable for people with flat feet?

No, not all cycling shoes are suitable for people with flat feet. It’s important to select shoes specifically designed for flat feet to ensure adequate support and comfort while riding.

Q-3 What are the top 5 cycling shoes for flat feet?

The top 5 cycling shoes for flat feet are Shimano SH-RP5 Road Cycling Shoes, Giro Empire ACC Road Cycling Shoes, Bont Riot Road+ Cycling Shoes, Pearl Izumi X-Project 3.0 Cycling Shoes, and Fizik Infinito R1 Knit Road Cycling Shoes.

Final Thoughts

Cycling is one of the more thorough exercises you can do both indoors and outdoors without shelling out a lot of money.

And if you are someone with flat feet, then having cycling shoes especially made for you will help you thoroughly enjoy what cycling offers in experience and benefits!

While you push yourself to be even better than before, your cycling shoes balance it out by providing you the comfort to keep going.

And now, with the availability of options like baseball cleats for flat feet and even skateboarding shoes for flat feet, you can obviously find yourself a great pair of cycling shoes for flat feet as well!

That is why finding what’s best for you is not something to be taken lightly as comfort will boost your performance, that’s for sure.

Note: It is always advisable to consult with a professional or seek the advice of an expert before making a purchase to ensure that you find the best cycling shoes for your flat feet.

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