Klim Klutch vs Adrenaline GTX Snowmobile Boots

Both Klim Klutch and Adrenaline Snowmobile boots are made for snowmobiling, however, which one you’ll choose will depend on your specific needs. You might buy your snowmobile boots with the help of your choice of insulation, weight, comfort, etc. Let’s look into the products in a more detailed manner. 

Klim Adrenaline GTX Boots 

These boots are especially known for their versatility and comfort. Since these are extremely versatile, you can use this pair for various winter activities along with snowmobiling, of course. Snowmobiling requires moving through a lot of slush, these boots are waterproof yet breathable. These boots are so secure that you’ll never have to think about your feet being cold or wet! Be it a gift for another rider or for yourself, these boots are perfect for snowmobiling. Along with the adjustable fit, you also get removable liners which make the boots even more suitable for snowmobiling. To keep you safe, these boots provide adequate ankle support. Not only that, but to help you withstand all the challenges of snowmobiling, this pair is extremely durable. Along with the stylish look, it’s very functional and can be used all winter for different winter purposes or activities along with snowmobiling. 


  1. GORE-TEX technology
  2. Warmth and insulation
  3. Moisture-Wicking abilities
  4. Support
  5. Durability 
  6. Waterproof construction 


  1. It doesn’t include BOA lacing system
  2. Isn’t available in many styles

Klim Klutch GTX Boots

If you want to make sure that moisture and snow do not seep into your boots which I know is something that everyone would want to make sure, the boa lacing system will be amazingly useful for exactly that. The boa lacing system keeps the boot a snug fit and ensures that moisture and snow don’t seep in by any chance, as The boa system gives a great and extremely secure fit, it leads to amazing support around the ankle and overall comfort when you’re moving through the challenging and rigorous paths as you’re riding your snow machine. It has a Michelin outsole that gives pretty amazing durability. Along with that, the Gore-Tex membrane ensures a dry thermal layer, keeping your feet warm and dry throughout your activities. 


  1. Durable rubber sole 
  2. Gore-Tex insulation
  3. Boa lacing system
  4. Adequate warmth
  5. Flexible
  6. Supportive 


  1. Might not be available in larger sizes
  2. The single boa might raise some issues

Klim Klutch vs Adrenaline Boots

The most prominent and significant difference that you might come across when comparing these two pairs of boots is the insulation that each of these provides. 

The Adrenaline Boots have 600g of Thinsulate whereas the Klutch boots have 800g of Thinsulate. If you’re a less active rider, you might consider the Klutch boots as they’d provide more insulation than the Adrenaline snowmobile boots. On the other hand, if you’re super active, you might want to go for the Adrenaline boots as they’d prevent your feet from getting overheated. 

The Adrenaline boots also don’t include the BOA lacing system that the Klutch boots include. The BOA lacing system has become pretty essential when it comes to having a snug and secure fit and overall just having a warm and cozy feeling. 

Both of these boots include the Gore-Tex technology which is amazing for insulation and dryness. However, the Adrenaline boots specifically have a waterproof construction and significant moisture-wicking capabilities. If worn with good moisture-wicking socks, the Adrenaline boots can be great for use for all sorts of winter activities. However, if you’re not doing something intense, you might need to stay warmer and therefore might need to upgrade to the Klim Klutch boots. Also, if your activities include moving through snow, you might consider getting the Klutch boots since it has the BOA lacing system and will give you a snug and secure fit with ultimate comfort. 


Both of these boots have their own significant pros and cons. However, which one you choose will depend on the environment that you function in since these pairs mostly differ in the warmth that they provide. Also, if you’re looking to keep away moisture, then you might consider the Adrenaline boots but on the other hand, if you want a perfectly secure fit, you might want to go for the Klutch boots since those have the BOA lacing system. Be mindful of your specific needs when you’re comparing these two pairs for yourself. 

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