Best Ice Fishing Boots

Ice fishing is something that would require you to move through icy and wet surfaces, which makes it pretty obvious that footwear is going to be super important if you are into ice fishing. Waterproof, durable and comfortable ice fishing boots are a must if you’re planning to embark on this adventure. If you’re new to this or just planning to add some more wisdom to your already existent ice fishing knowledge, you have come to the right place. 

Best Ice Fishing Boots

Korkers Snowtrac Snow Boots

If you’re looking for boots that you’ll enjoy in the long run, this is the pair for you! When you’ll be ice fishing, you’ll have to walk on frozen lakes and we all know how slippery icy surfaces can get, so when you are choosing your ice fishing boots, make sure that your boots have good traction. Luckily, Korkers Snowtrac Snow Boots come with customizable traction. It won’t matter whether the condition is wet or dry because this pair will give you good grip on the surface regardless of anything. Since ice fishing takes place in extremely cold conditions, this pair will be quite great for that as well as this pair comes with 1200g of 3M Thinsulate insulation for ultimate warmth in extremely cold conditions. And lastly, let’s not forget the BOA system which basically ensures that moisture doesn’t seep into your boots while securing a snug fit. 


  1. Versatile Traction
  2. Insulated 
  3. Comfortable 
  4. Waterproof 
  5. BOA system


  1. Might not be waterproof in long-term 
  2. Might not be enough breathable 

Kamik Greenbay 4

Have you ever wanted a pair of boots that’s very durable yet quite lightweight? These Kamik Greenbay boots combine both of these aspects. These boots can give your feet warmth even in the temperature of -40° F. That’s quite amazingly crazy, isn’t it? These boots have a removable felt liner. Not only that, this pair also features a lace-lock snow collar that’s specifically designed to keep your feet warm from the freezing conditions of the environment that you’ll be ice fishing in. These boots also have an adjustable velcro-closure to give you a snug fit. Most importantly, its thick treaded rubber sole provides great traction. 


  1. Lightweight
  2. Good traction
  3. Removable liner
  4. Adjustable velcro closure 
  5. Well insulated 


  1. Sizing might be off 
  2. Might not be much tall 

ALEADER Waterproof Snow Boots

When you’re in a freezing environment, the snow isn’t the only harsh thing, there’s also the piercing wind that can be quite a challenge. These boots are not only water resistant but also wind resistant. Not only for ice fishing, you can use these boots for all your winter activities. The waterproof construction of these boots is seam-sealed, which means your feet will always be protected from moisture and water. The cushioned footbed of these boots will offer you great comfort. The toasty layer of insulation will also provide you with the warmth that you’ll need while ice fishing. Even when it’s raining, you can stomp around the town with no hesitation as these boots will take the responsibility to keep your feet dry, safe & warm. 


  1. Easy to take on and off 
  2. Seam-sealed waterproof construction
  3. Wind resistant
  4. Comfortable and warm 


  1. Sizing might be off 
  2. The strap might be too long 

Muck Boot Arctic Pro

This pair of boots is renowned to be one of the warmest pairs of neoprene boots. You’ll realize that there are several reasons why this can be one of the most perfect pairs of boots for ice fishing. These boots will keep your feet warm even in extremely cold conditions. Additionally, the 8 mm neoprene waterproof bootie and fleece lining that it features will provide you with standard warmth as well as perfect support when you’re ice fishing in freezing environments. The support is needed as you might have to walk on uneven icy surfaces when ice fishing. The topline binding of these boots will keep the snow and cold away from your feet. Also, the high-grade rubber that it’s designed with makes it a 100% waterproof pair of ice fishing boots, and the rubber will also provide you with extra toughness. 


  1. Waterproof
  2. Rubber outsole
  3. Greatly insulated 
  4. Pretty tall 
  5. Durable 


  1. Sizing might be off 
  2. Can be a little too tight

Baffin Apex

These boots are stylish, comfy and just have it all! If you wear these boots, you’ll never have cold toes again, even when you’re out on frozen lakes, walking on icy surfaces as you’ll need to if you go for ice fishing. Along with ice fishing, these boots can be quite amazing for all your outdoor winter activities. These boots are not only stylish but also lightweight. The Baffin Apex boots can be quite a great match for you as you embark on your journey of ice fishing. These boots are insulated enough to keep your feet adequately warm in cold, snowy conditions. These leather boots also have a quick lace system which will make it super easy for you to take the shoes on and off. Overall, these boots are quite amazing. 


  1. 100% leather 
  2. Cold rating of -148°F 
  3. Removable inner boot system
  4. Imported 
  5. Quick lace system


  1. Might not be durable in the long term
  2. Sizing might be off 

SOREL Caribou Boots

This pair is definitely snug, but also stylish and comfy. This pair is bound to keep your feet feeling cozy and warm while you walk on freezing ice. Along with being used for ice fishing, you can use these boots for daily wear as well. For ice fishing, this pair can be quite perfect. 

It’s made with 100% leather and this pair is designed specifically with a rubber sole which provides great traction, and you’ll need that while you walk on icy surfaces for ice fishing. These boots will undoubtedly offer you comfort and also ease for a smooth and seamless performance. It has a seam-sealed waterproof construction that ensures that your feet stay completely dry and makes sure that any kind of moisture doesn’t seep in. Also, hear this, it’s washable, which will be a great feature if you’re someone who tends to keep their footwear neat.

The liner that is in these boots provides extra warmth and comfort and basically makes it one of the best boots for ice fishing.


  1. 100% leather
  2. Imported 
  3. Rubber sole 
  4. Seam-sealed waterproof construction
  5. Available in different colors


  1. Sizing might be off. 
  2. Might be slippery.
  3. Might not be much tall.

ArcticShield Waterproof Boots

Tall boots seem amazing for freezing environments, don’t they? These tall and superior boots are made from high quality rubber and neoprene. Because of the neoprene uppers and protective rubber overlays, these boots are also completely waterproof. These boots provide amazing warmth as well. This pair is also very comfortable to wear and gives a quite great fit. The outsoles are pretty durable as well. Overall, this pair can be a good match for your ice fishing journey. 


  1. Tall 
  2. Made with high quality rubber and neoprene
  3. Waterproof
  4. Durable 
  5. Great fit 


  1. Might not be anti-slip 
  2. Can be a little too tight around the calf

How to Choose Ice Fishing Boots


Ice fishing takes place on frozen lakes, so you’d need ample insulation to keep your feet warm. Thinsulate or similar materials are commonly used for that. Insulation thickness is usually described by grams. If you go ice fishing in extremely cold conditions, look for boots with 800g-1200g of insulation as that’s recommended. 


As ice fishing would require you to move through wet surfaces at times, you’ll have to look for boots that are perfectly waterproof to function in such wet and icy conditions. Tend to look for boots with waterproof membranes like Gore-Tex that would not let water to seep into your boots while also allowing moisture to escape and keep your feet fully dry. 


For any activity, sizing of the footwear becomes crucial. A good idea would be to keep those socks in mind that you’ll wear to ice fishing, as you have to make sure that the boots fit properly over the socks while also allowing comfort and breathability. Don’t go for boots that are too tight as that can trouble blood circulation. 


Ice fishing would require you to walk on icy surfaces like frozen lakes and that indicates that traction should be one of the top priorities when you’re choosing your ice fishing boots. Look for boots that have deep and spiky patterns on the outsoles for excellent grip. Vibram soles are known for great traction, so you can look for that as well. 


The environment that you’ll be ice fishing in can be harsh and rugged. So, when you’re choosing your ice fishing boots, choose boots that have the durability to withstand the challenges that come with cold, snowy, wet and harsh conditions. 


When you’re going ice fishing, you’ll have to walk on uneven icy surfaces which means you’ll definitely need a lot of flexibility and freedom of movement. Choose boots that will offer you flexibility at the right places and make your movement easier and your performance smoother. 


The ice fishing location that you choose will depict what kind of environment you’ll have to move through. As mentioned before, you might have to move through uneven and harsh surfaces. Keeping that in mind, choose boots that’ll offer you ample ankle support, so that your feet stay protected. 

Closure System

As ice fishing locations are cold, icy and snowy, you’ll need to make sure that boots have the appropriate closure system. You can choose boots that have secure closure systems like zippers, laces or maybe a combination of both. Paying attention to closure systems is a must as that would ensure that moisture or cold doesn’t seep into your boots when you’re ice fishing. 

Temperature Rating 

When you embark on your search for choosing the right ice fishing boots, you’ll realize that some boots come with temperature ratings, indicating the lowest temperature that those boots can handle. When choosing ice fishing boots, consider the weather conditions of the location that you’ll be ice fishing in and check whether the boot can handle that or even lower temperatures than you are anticipating. 


Though warmth and protection become important aspects when you’re choosing ice fishing boots, there is something else that you need to keep in mind and that’s the weight of the boots. Heavy boots can make your experience unpleasant and uncomfortable, and will make it difficult for you to move smoothly. Look for boots that are not only durable and warm but also lightweight. 


Style might not be something that is your first priority when choosing ice fishing boots but if you still have a specific style that you’d like to go for, keep that in mind. For instance, some ice fishing boots look like traditional rubber boots while some other ice fishing boots resemble heavy-duty winter boots. 


Budget is an important factor when buying footwear. However, you must have noticed that there’s a reason why some brands are renowned and some aren’t. So, try to create a balance between budget and quality. Spending on well branded costly ice fishing boots can be an investment, but these boots will offer you durability, protection and comfort in the long run. Never forget that the right ice fishing boots will enhance the quality of your experience and performance and will keep your feet well protected and warm. 


A big chunk of your ice fishing experience will depend on your ice fishing boots, so choosing the right pair of ice fishing boots can seem like quite a crucial decision, as it’ll significantly influence your ice fishing performance. Go for boots that have the perfect balance and combination of warmth, protection, durability and comfort. Look for boots that are high quality, even if that seems like an investment, as that would ensure that the quality of the boot will be great even in the long term. Walking on icy surfaces can be a daunting task, so don’t forget to keep in mind that your boots will need to have good grip. Overall, keep the mentioned points in mind and check out the mentioned brands and you’ll find your right match of ice fishing boots eventually. 

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