7 Best Ice Hockey Socks to Maximise Your Performance

Socks and skates go hand in hand, and you cannot expect to get a good performance without giving love to both of them. Maybe you have just started skating and wanted to get the best socks feasible for you, or you got bored of your regular socks and started looking for socks on par with the quality of socks used in the NHL.

Well, we took it upon ourselves and made a list of the 7 best hockey skate socks we could get a look at because sometimes it might get a bit hectic to decide on the best socks to go with your hockey skates. Cheap, expensive, comfortable, and high-performance, there is something for everybody here. 

Let’s begin the list.

Best Ice Hockey Socks

CCM Hockey Compression Knee Socks

It is heartbreaking when you get a fancy new pair of socks and they feel really good and comfy as you are wearing them, but as soon as you put your feet in a shoe, they somehow instantly become really rough and rigid. We’ve all had those times and it indeed is very disappointing.

Well, with these CCM Protech Premium Compression Knee Socks, you will never have to deal with that again. Manufactured using the latest 3D Knitting Technology, these socks boast a 4-way stretch, which ensures a perfect lightweight fit while giving you high performance.

A graduated compression designed with your ankle and leg in mind, they give you the perfect fit without sacrificing comfort. Crafted using sport nylon, rubber, polyester, and lycra, they would be a superb fit for your skates.


  • Mesh zones designed for increased airflow
  • Ultra flat seam reduces friction
  • Made with the latest 3D Knitting technology
  • Strategically designed compression in the foot area provides a perfect fit


  • Might not be very budget-friendly
  • Only a single color and design is available

CHAMPRO Hockey Base Layer Socks

Maybe comfort isn’t the big issue for you, perhaps you are looking for something thinner than your current socks, something that would provide good airflow while keeping your feet firmly locked in place. These high-quality Hockey Base Layer Socks by Champro provide precisely that. Made to be highly breathable, these socks ensure that your feet are always getting enough air while being thin enough for you to not feel a sliver of discomfort on your feet when you are out on the rink wearing them. Featuring a double cuff, a knee-length athletic cut, and a professionally tailored heel, it makes sure to deliver high performance while being thin and lightweight.


  • Machine-washable
  • Made with thin and breathable material
  • Equipped with a professionally tailored heel
  • Double rib on top of foot
  • Double cuff along with a knee-length athletic cut preventing the socks from slipping down


  • Delivery times can be a bit high
  • Only one color/style is available

CCM Hockey Skate Liner Socks

Suppose you are playing in a tournament, where you may have to play multiple matches in a short timeframe. Apart from the extreme physical exhaustion, your feet will get sweaty from being on the ice continuously, which would be an extreme hindrance to your performance and comfort. Without a proper sock liner, it’s really hard to keep your feet properly insulated and locked in place when you’re on the ice for long periods.

These awesome Hockey Skate Liner Socks by CCM would be great for such a scenario as they have extreme moisture-wicking capabilities and do not sacrifice even a little on your comfort. Engineered using a blend of Coolmax Active Fabric, Lycra, and Nylon, these socks are super durable and comfortable while being able to manage high amounts of moisture while you’re giving it your all in the rink.


  • Double welted CCM cuff keeps the sock and the foot comfortably in place
  • Highly durable and moisture-wicking
  • Manufactured using professional quality materials
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Pleasantly thin feel


  • Might be a little heavy on your wallet

Bauer Hockey Skate Socks

Next up on this list are the Performance Skate Socks by Bauer Hockey. Being as big of a brand as Bauer Hockey, excellence is always expected, and with these socks, excellence is what it delivers. If you like playing in outdoor rinks, or you like having some extra freedom of movement around your ankles, these socks are perfect for you.

The small form factor of these socks provides more ventilation to your feet and allows extra maneuverability for players who prioritize agility and quick footwork on the ice.

Being a compression-type sock, chaffing from skates is also reduced to a great extent by these socks. High-performance, superb comfort, and good moisture-wicking capacity, these socks provide all.


  • Constructed using Sanitized Technology liner, which prevents odor and wicks moisture
  • Y-seam construction at the toe area to remove sock bunching
  • Compression socks, so lack of comfort and support will not be an issue
  • Machine-washable
  • Mitigates chaffing from your ice skates


  • They might not be very budget-friendly
  • Multiple color and design options might not be available

Swiftwick Hockey Socks

Hockey can be often a dangerous sport. Even while exercising proper caution and having safety measures in place, accidents may, and do happen without a warning. Cuts and lacerations are not that uncommon in a sport like hockey and even if they don’t usually cause permanent damage, I’m sure no one wouldn’t want to experience one.

These Swiftwick Ice Hockey Socks claim to have a 360° Cut Resistant Zone, which has cut-resistant fiber embedded into it, protecting the Achilles and tibial tendons from accidentally getting hurt. The contoured compression fit of these socks also prevents your foot from bunching and sliding into the skates. 

Their signature Olefin fiber also wicks away excess moisture while being lightweight and delivering high performance during heavy and stressful usage.


  • Inbuilt cut-resistant fiber protects the Achilles and tibial tendons from lacerations
  • High moisture-wicking capacity due to their signature Olefin fiber
  • Sweat channels direct excess moisture to the bottom of the skate
  • Machine-washable
  • A double-welt cuff prevents sweat from entering the lower leg and keeps socks fixed in place


  • A bit on the expensive end
  • Color and design options are limited

TCK Skate Liner Hockey Socks

The repetitive movement needed in hockey stresses the feet and ankles. High-quality skate liners provide proper cushioning and padding to absorb shocks and reduce the impact on the feet.

Proudly manufactured in the USA, these Skate Liner Socks by TCK are an excellent option if you’re looking for socks with good moisture-wicking capabilities while being comfortable and supportive. 

Featuring their DRY-IQ moisture control technology, these socks do an excellent job of wicking moisture and keeping blisters away from your feet. Specialized yarns infused in the socks and the addition of a breathable mesh on the top also help mitigate odor after intense skating sessions.


  • Breathable mesh and specialized yarns provide good airflow
  • Constructed ergonomically to provide extra cushioning and support
  • Double welt prevents the sock from slipping down
  • DRY-IQ moisture control technology prevents blisters and wicks away sweat
  • Machine-washable and ideal for all levels of hockey


  • Might be a little too thick compared to other liners
  • Limited style options available

Bauer Hockey Tall Skate Socks

Ice hockey rinks can get quite cold at times, especially in colder climates, requiring an extra layer of insulation for your legs and shins. Often, people turn to tall hockey socks to achieve this since they cover a large portion of the legs and are adept at preventing blisters.

With that in mind, we have another Performance Skate Sock by the well-known brand Bauer Hockey, and this one is tall enough to cover your legs and shins. Made to be lightweight and breathable with the use of Coolmax yarn, they provide good support to your legs while preventing blisters.


  • Tall socks provide better stability to the shin guards
  • Compression arch support provides stability and comfort
  • The thin and lightweight build prevents the sock from slipping inside the skate


  • Only one color and design option are available
  • Relatively new

How to Choose Socks for Hockey?

In this world of choices, it’s quite difficult to understand what one wants and what one might need. Socks are a thing of personal preference and there is no definite norm for them.

This section is dedicated to explaining what are the things one should look out for, and consider while buying new socks.


Hockey socks come in various lengths are not all of them are comfortable for everybody. They range from traditional tall socks that cover your shins to newer socks that only cover your feet.

Choose a length based on the uniform regulations of your hockey league and what type of sock you want. Taller socks provide more insulation and at times more protection, while smaller socks allow freer movement of your ankles and feet.

Build Material

The materials used for making socks are very diverse. Some are extremely comfortable and some are great against cuts and lacerations. As a rule of thumb, go for socks made using moisture-wicking material, like merino wool or other synthetic blends as they help prevent sweat from building up in your boots and reduce blisters.

No one can get it right the first time; what socks your feet would prefer more than the others, is not something that can be pinpointed right away. You should always be up to try new types of socks if the current ones aren’t comfortable or hurt your feet.

Compression And Thickness

Some socks have extra compression features that provide minimal restriction to the blood flow in your legs when they get stressed during hockey. They also provide muscle support and can reduce muscle fatigue after intense games.

Considering the thickness of the sock is also very crucial. Thicker socks provide more comfort and insulation, which can be good for colder climates, while thinner socks provide more grip and prevent them from slipping inside the skates.


To summarize, ice hockey socks, although seemingly insignificant within the context of the sport, exist as an essential component of a player’s gear. They offer protection, team identification, and space for personal customization. And with a market so large, choosing the right sock can be quite a tedious task for all, from new players to the more experienced folk. 

Depending on your playing style and preferences, the type of sock that would suit your feet can vary greatly. This list aims to be an informative guide to all across the spectrum, whether you are a player, an enthusiast, or just a casual observer.

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