4 Best Snowmobile Boots for Wide Feet in 2023

The width in a pair of snowmobile boots is something that becomes a pretty crucial factor as this aspect is directly connected to comfort, space, and overall performance. To perform smoothly, you’ll need ample comfort.

Also, wider boots are more compatible with proper insulation layers without blocking blood circulation and at the same time, providing enough space to move naturally and with ease. Let’s look into a few pairs of boots that can give you the width that you need, giving you a list of the best snowmobile boots that you can wear in 2023.

Best Snowmobile Boots for Wide Feet

Klim Klutch GTX BOA Boots

The boa lacing system can be amazingly useful when it comes to keeping moisture and snow out of your boots. The boa lacing system helps the rider get a snug and secure fit and ensures that moisture does not seep in by any chance.

Since the boa system gives an extremely secure fit, it leads to great support around the ankle and comfort in general as you move through the rigorous paths when you’re riding your snowmobile. This pair has a Michelin outsole that gives pretty amazing durability. The Gore-Tex membrane in this pair of boots ensures a dry thermal layer and keeps the rider’s feet dry and warm. Since these boots have good sizing, you can choose a larger size than usual from the sizes that are available for added width. 


  1. Durable rubber sole 
  2. Gore-Tex insulation
  3. Boa lacing system
  4. Adequate warmth
  5. Flexible
  6. Supportive 


  1. Might not be available in larger sizes
  2. The single boa might raise some issues

Fly Racing Marker Boa Boots 

The boa system of these boots not only gives a snug and secure fit but also makes it easy to put these boots on and off. These boots fit really well and will keep your feet warm and dry all day. These boots look very cool and at the same time are super easy to use. These boots are very strong, sturdy, and lightweight.

While you’re riding in very cold conditions, your feet will stay dry, warm, and comfy all day if you’re using these boots. The patterns on the sole will provide you with great traction and grip ensuring that you don’t slip or fall when you’re moving through icy surfaces. If you want more space in this pair of boots, make sure to order a size up or two for additional width and space. 


  1. Durable 
  2. Boa lacing system
  3. Slip-resistant
  4. Breathable
  5. Reinforced toe and heel


  1. The sizing might be off 
  2. It is not knee-high

Baffin Eiger Insulated Boots

These boots are actually quite wide and will be compatible with the rest of your snow gear. These boots have such great insulation that if you use these boots, they will actually allow you to function even in the most rigorous and challengingly cold conditions. If the kind of snowmobiling that you’re into requires you to be less active, then this pair of boots will be absolutely perfect for you as these boots are appropriate to work in for extended periods of time and also provide the rider with ample warmth even during the less active phases of time. These amazing boots fit like a glove, so very true to their size. If you need the boots to be wider for yourself then you might consider getting just a size up and that would be perfect for the comfort and space that you might be craving. These boots are truly tested in the coldest moments on earth and are compatible with extreme cold weather.


  1. Rubber sole
  2. Good grip 
  3. Great insulation
  4. Easy to take on and off
  5. Double strap velcro 


  1. Might not be waterproof
  2. Might be a little stiff
  3. Might not be tall enough 

SOREL Caribou Winter Boots

This pair is not only snug, stylish, and comfy but is also bound to keep your feet feeling cozy and warm. Along with being used for snowmobiling, these boots can be used for daily wear. This pair is quite perfect.

It’s made with 100% leather and designed specifically with a rubber sole which provides great traction. These boots can give you comfort and ease for a smooth and seamless performance. Its seam-sealed waterproof construction makes sure that your feet stay completely dry and ensures that moisture doesn’t seep in. Additionally, it’s washable, which is a great feature if you’re someone who just loves to keep their footwear spotless.

The liner in these boots provides extra warmth and comfort making it one of the best boots for snowmobiling. SOREL Caribou Boot makes your job of choosing the best snowmobile boots easy by combining style and functionality all at once. Making room for this pair of boots in your wardrobe will not only enhance your style in a way but will also provide you with ultimate comfort and ease. If you’re in need of additional width, make sure to order a size up.


  1. 100% leather
  2. Imported 
  3. Rubber sole 
  4. Seam-sealed waterproof construction
  5. Available in different colors


  1. The sizing might be off. 
  2. Might be slippery.
  3. Might not be much tall.


Even though it can be difficult to find boots that have the exact feature of being wide you can always go for a size up or two for extra space, comfort, and better compatibility with the rest of your layers and snow gear. 

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