Best Boxing Shoes for Flat Feet In 2024: Updated List Here

Will you believe me if I say having flat feet while you are an athlete can somehow hinder your passion?

Now, what if you are flat-footed boxers? How do you think Best Boxing Shoes for flat feet would affect your skills in the ring?

Boxing is a sport of fitness that involves two people combatting, and the boxer is an athlete whose enthusiasm never seems to fall.

Once the fighter is in the ring, his focus and determination never back down, even if that boxer has feet issues.

Here we enlisted the best boxing shoes for flat feet to keep you going in the ring while having no trouble with your steps.

Look through this guide, and you won’t regret what you’ll learn!

Our recommendation for flat footed boxers :

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Best Boxing Shoes for Flat Feet

1.Reebok Boxing Boot

If you want to have a high-top design of boxing shoes, Reebok’s Men Boxing Boot might be for you.

Boxing can let all your energy out, and this comes with your coordination in the ring. Moving around while trying to defeat your opponent won’t happen if you have issues with your gear, and luckily, these shoes were made.

These boxing shoes comprise 100% synthetic leather with a synthetic sole that follows an anatomical curve that fits one’s foot.

The support these shoes deliver can help your flat feet throughout the match because they can support you while moving swiftly without hurting your feet.

The midsole foam can relieve your flat feet from feeling any pain, and it can provide excellent support for the boxer as it is a shock absorption material.

These shoes’ grip was designed especially for boxing ring matches, but you can also wear them for other training purposes. The ankle strap these shoes have can secure your feet snugly without feeling any weightiness while on the match.

These shoes come in different sizes. Even though the shoes are lightweight and offer great support, the shoes may be very high for some people, making them feel restricted while boxing.

2.Ringside Diablo Boxing Shoes

The Ringside Diablo Shoes are made with a contemporary style design that fits with the new fashion generation.

Not only do these shoes only look good, but they possess a high-performing action in the ring while fighting with your opponent. 

These boxing shoes are patented with a leather vinyl finish that makes the shoes more durable while at work.

It has a low-top ankle to accommodate ease of movement without restricting your leg and ankle support to avoid the foot’s unintentional bending and the boxer’s fluidity while fighting with the opponent.

These boxing shoes can accommodate your flat feet because their shape follows an anatomical curve with a rubber sole, contributing to additional comfort the wearer can feel while in the ring. 

These won’t exhaust your feet despite your issue with them because they are lightweight and easy to wear. With the proper fit, these shoes give can let your feet breathe from sweat since it also has a breathable nylon mesh pattern.

These boxing shoes come in different sizes and come in various colors, too. 

You can also wear these shoes for other sports like Muay Thai and MMA, so long as you’re comfortable wearing them. However, some materials for these shoes may not be of your preference. Nevertheless, these can save your flat feet.

boxing shoes

3.Everlast New Elite High Top Boxing Shoes

Everlast’s New Elite Boxing Shoes are best for avid boxing fans and boxers looking for all-around boxing shoes.

These are hybrid boxing shoes made for the boxing ring, but users can also put them in for gym use. 

These shoes provide enough cushion for foot support, and your flat feet will feel maximum comfort while in the ring if you have these boxing shoes flat feet on.

The technical sole built for these shoes is made for maximum traction, flexibility, and support for your heel, ankle, and boxing shoes with arch support.

It comes with an open weave mesh upper that keeps your shoe lightweight and ankle straps that increase your feet’ stability.

Having flat feet won’t be a problem if you consider these shoes one of your boxing shoes or even your main boxing shoes.

The innovative tread design prevents slippage while moving and optimizes side-to-side movement.

The support these shoes provide makes it safe for your flat feet to be comfortable the whole time. You can feel the thickness of the cushion from your heel to your ankle, which will protect you at all costs.

These shoes fit people with flat feet, but this won’t be the best choice for those with wide feet.

4.Title Predator II Boxing Shoes

The Title Predator II Boxing Shoes is a mid-length boxing shoe engineered for speed, traction, support, and drive for users.

It has a three-dimensional upper anatomically contoured for a custom fit for the entire foot, including the ankle and lower calf, which contributes to the lightweight fit, feel, and support.

With these boxing shoes, you will be set for an aggressive and ready-to-dominate focus while in the ring, which will make you attack at your best power without disturbing your comfort.

These shoes are fit for those who have plantar fasciitis or flat feet since it has a rubber sole that supports the whole foot.

The flexible gum rubber sole provides superior traction, which will put you away from feeling any distress while moving inside the ring.

These shoes’ whole padded mesh tongue allows breathability and air release, and you won’t have to worry about a foul smell after a day full of sweat.

A comfort-wrap ankle is also included in these shoes, which offers support and stability while giving that spongy-soft fit: the user won’t feel restricted from his movements.

These shoes give you the confidence to throw your jabs; however, they might be hard to break in because they are extremely firm.

boxing shoes for flat feet

5.ASICS Men’s JB Elite V2.0 Wrestling Shoe

The ASICS JB Elite V2.0 shoes are made of 100% synthetic material that works best in any condition when dealing with boxing. It is a pair of high-performing shoes that could help you take your jabs and movements to the next level. 

These shoes may have stated it’s made for wrestling in their name, but these are great for boxing, too. It has a split sole design to provide comfort for the users and an open mesh upper that offers excellent comfort and breathability for flat feet.

They provide exceptional responsiveness, reliable grip, and cushioning to keep your feet snug and secure. At the same time, it includes premium support for your feet to avoid them getting strained after a long day of boxing.

These shoes’ tongue features a non-bulky version with their integrated lace garage technology, which meets regulations for tournament competitions. These also have a single-layer mesh body to provide breathability for the users and optimal comfort and fit.

Your footwork and landing are never far from accurate with these shoes, and these may be the shoes you need to get things started with the right approach to keep your flat feet safeguarded.

However, these shoes won’t fit people with wide feet as it has a narrow anatomical structure and may have issues with the sizing.

How to Choose Best Boxing Shoes for Flat Feet

There is a range of options for boxing shoes for flat feet available in the market, and you may have a hard time choosing the one that fits you, especially if you have flat feet.

The proper boxing shoes will aid your comfort, and you should know what things to consider when purchasing boxing shoes. To look for an ideal pair of shoes for your flat feet, here is a list to help you out.

Size Priority

Some shoes have small sizes, some have large sizing, and some have the usual size. If you purchase boxing shoes to accompany your flat feet, proper sizing should be your top priority.

You don’t want shoes that are too tight, most especially if the shoes are too loose. If you think having an allowance for your shoes is okay to give your feet some room, you should stop this thinking. Improper sizing can lead to danger, most especially if you’re an athlete.

An ideal shoe fitting should let you move freely without allowing you to think that you are wearing shoes. Proper shoe size can give support for your flat feet and will ensure stability when worn.

Room for Feet

Some shoes don’t accommodate the wideness of your feet. Yes, your feet may have the proper shoe size, but the shoe may not be suitable for people with wide feet, which will lead to pain after a long day.

Some shoes do not have enough sole support for your feet, leading to distress at some times. 

Shoes are made either narrow, regular, or wide, and you should consider looking at these factors because boxing shoes are not just for a casual day: they’re used in the ring, and you should not feel any pain on your feet while boxing.

Your foot should not wiggle inside a shoe or should not slide forward in your heel. Enough room for your feet will give you support and comfort for your flat feet, and don’t forget to consider this portion.

Some shoes are low-cut, some are mid-cut, and some are high-cut shoes. All these shoes are practical for boxing, and they don’t have issues with your flat feet. However, The cuts can contribute to your feeling when in the ring. 

If you wear high or mid-cut shoes, you may feel restricted if you are not used to them. If you also use low-cut shoes, you may feel exposed while running around the ring.

None of these cuts are bad for boxing, but you should consider which shoe cut you’re comfortable wearing to be safe while throwing jabs toward your opponent.

Final Words

There are many great boxing shoes out there, and we enlisted the best options for you. They have different cuts, designs, and support, but it is up to you to choose which shoes will fit your preference.

Your flat feet may hinder your favorite sport, but you can increase the sole support by adding memory foam insoles to ease your discomfort.

Better movement for your feet and choosing the most appropriate boxing shoes for you should be made while considering factors to avoid any injuries.

Hopefully, this article helped you decide which boxing shoes are the best fit for your flat feet.

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