Skateboarding Shoes for Flat Feet in 2023: Best for Your Flat Feet!

Having flat feet can make skateboarding uncomfortable, but finding the right shoes can provide the support and stability needed for a safe and enjoyable experience. Here are the best skateboarding shoes for flat feet in 2023, offering a combination of comfort, grip, and protection.

However, for skaters with flat feet, the search doesn’t stop there.

Since people with flat feet have wider feet, lack balance, and are more prone to foot-related pain and injuries, specialized shoes are a must so they can skate better and longer.

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best budget-friendly

Skateboarding shoes specifically made for a flat fleet will help them gain stability, reduce foot fatigue, and prevent injuries, all while performing their best tricks.

Many famous brands manufacture many skateboarding shoes nowadays since skateboarding is famous and trendy. In particular, this article will talk about some of the best skateboarding shoes for the flat fleet.

What to Look for When Buying Skate Shoes for Flat Feet?

When buying skate shoes for flat feet, there are several important factors to consider to ensure that the shoes provide the necessary support and comfort. Here are some key things to look for:

  • Arch support: Flat feet need extra arch support to prevent pain and injury while skateboarding. Look for shoes with good arch support and shock absorption to help alleviate pressure on the feet.
  • Cushioning: Cushioning is important for absorbing impact and reducing pressure on the feet. Look for shoes with extra cushioning in the heel and forefoot areas.
  • Fit: A snug, comfortable fit is important to prevent slipping and reduce pressure on the feet. Make sure to try on shoes and walk around in them to make sure they fit properly.

By considering these factors when buying skate shoes for flat feet, you can find the shoes that provide the necessary support, comfort, and performance to help you enjoy skateboarding to the fullest.

Best Skateboarding Shoes for Flat Feet in 2023

FP Footwear Liberty Shoes

People with flat feet can significantly benefit from these skateboarding shoes. FP Footwear created innovative designs and technologies to give the feet a more natural and enhanced feel in every step and jump.

One of their proudest innovations is the Dynamic Gait Stabilization Outsole System employed in the Liberty shoes.

The outsole is shaped and contoured like the feet instead of a flat surface. It has a built-in heel cup and arch support.

This is particularly advantageous for people with flat feet as the leverage on the heel area creates an arch on the foot which people with flat feet lack.

On the other hand, the arch support enables the arches of the feet to rest comfortably. Likewise, it helps absorb shock on the heels to prevent pain and injuries.

Moreover, it helps the ankle stay stable and stabilizes the joints to prevent overpronation and foot fatigue.

The more comprehensive toe design and wide outsole lip further help in preventing ankle rolls and other acute and chronic injuries. It also contains the feet from rubbing against the side rears of the shoes to avoid irritation.

Besides that, it also highlights its whopping 91% energy absorption engineered to absorb and disperse impacts from skateboarding across the entire foot for maximized protection.

In addition, it has a soft FluidX Protection material for added impact absorption and adds flexibility in every turn and moves. It is also more durable and guaranteed to last longer than using regular foams.

Nike SB Zoom Stefan Janoski

The Nike SB Zoom Stefan Janoski is probably the most popular and iconic skateboarding shoe out there. These skate shoes are one of Stefan Janoski’s signature styles.

The Nike Flyleather upper utilizes at least 50% recycled leather fiber combined with synthetic materials selected for a more sustainable design while providing full performance.

These shoes are also the first in Nike SB history to use Nike Grind material comprising recycled waste. This is one of their takes in leading a more sustainable and eco-friendly footwear manufacturing process.

Aside from being sustainable, this process helps the shoes to have a more lightweight and broken-in feel right out of the box.

However, this results in a more thinned-out rubber outsole construction to wear and lose its grip quickly.

The foam insole is made with a Zoom Air unit in the heel, giving you more responsiveness. It also helps evenly absorb the impact for a more comfortable and cushiony feel throughout the shoes.

In addition, the insole has an air pocket on the heels for extra shock absorption in these critical points of impact. Even so, the insoles are pretty thin, so it still enables you to have a good board feel.

Besides that, these skateboarding shoes have a heel cup that raises the heel area to relieve foot tension, provide extra cushion and prevent the feet from sliding forward in the heels.

This helps people with flat feet with more support and stability, thus preventing foot pain and injuries.

Vans Gilbert Crockett 2 Pro

If you’re looking for skateboarding shoes for flat feet with the best support and durability, then check out the Vans Gilbert Crockett 2 Pro.

The Pro-Series by Vans is their most durable line to date. The upper is made with a combination of suede and canvas, which offers both comfort and breathability from the canvas and resistance to wear and tear from the suede.

Furthermore, it features DURACAP upper reinforcement in high-wear areas for increased durability guaranteed to last long. It withstands extreme wear and beating, so the shoes don’t rip and tear apart easily when jumping and flipping.

It also has molded heel pocket inserts which provide arch support and extra cushioning on the heels.

This helps correct foot alignment for people with flat feet to prevent foot pain and fatigue.

It also helps keep the foot stable and correctly positioned, which people with flat feet struggle with.

Likewise, these shoes feature a Wafflecup Construction, a hybrid version of Vans’ Vulcanized and Cupsole models.

It provides the ultimate cushioning without sacrificing the board’s feel for comfort and performance.

The Wafflecup construction also delivers an excellent grippy outsole that gets better as you wear it down so you can stay closer to the board.

It also has an Ultracush HD insole designed to be thicker on the heel area for more impact absorption as it abruptly tapers down to the toes allowing you to feel the board better without hurting your heels.

ES Skateboarding Silo

The ES Skateboarding Silo shoes are built for the ultimate comfort.

The shoes are inspired by the 90’s innovation and heritage hence the slightly bulkier and chunkier look than your average skate shoes.

This gives a ’90s vibe and provides extra support and unmatched comfort.

If you look closely, the toe area has a more rounded design providing a more expansive space for the toes.

It also has a raised mid-design that creates more arch support, perfect for people with flat feet. The added space and height on these shoes in these critical areas help the feet feel more comfortable.

Moreover, the midsole is made with STI Energy foam, which helps absorb impacts and create a maximized board feel.

It is relatively thin, allowing you to feel the board, and has a deep heel cup enabling the foot to stay aligned and centered.

The upper is made with Nubuck full-grain leather for durability on the areas that are prone to wearing.

Likewise, a mesh material is incorporated into the rest of the shoes, making them incredibly comfortable and breathable.

On the other hand, the outsole is made with 400NBS rubber material that is durable and grippy and has a nice flex, enabling you to stay on the board closer.

FP Footwear Intercept Shoes

These FP Footwear Intercept Shoes are designed by the pro skater Neen Williams for all the skaters out there.

Like the other skateboard shoes offered by FP Footwear, these shoes also feature the Dynamic Gait Stabilization Outsole System.

The outsole is designed to absorb the massive shock of up to 91% while stabilizing the joints to prevent injuries while jumping and flipping.

It also has a built-in heel cup and arch support for people with flat feet. It helps alleviate foot pain and fatigue and provides room for extra cushioning.

Moreover, it features a Kingfoam Insole for added protection and an incredibly soft feel.

Besides that, the outsole is filled with soft FluidX Protection material, which further absorbs impact without minimizing board feel.

The upper is made with suede and canvas, making the shoes breathable and comfortable. At the same time, the outsole has a sturdy and solid construction.

This makes it ideal for people with flat feet as the outsole gives a lot of support and reinforcement.

Likewise, it has a hidden suede toe cap for increased durability in this key-to-drag area. It also has a rounder appearance rather than a tapered design giving you more room on the toes.

Finally, the “Forever Cap” on the toe cap is flexible and can withstand extreme and regular wear and tear. It also has a heel collar for added durability and support.

Skateboarding Shoes for Flat Feet

ES Shoes Accel OG

The ES Shoes Accel OG is undoubtedly the most iconic and original skate shoe worldwide. It has been voted as the number one skate shoe numerous times in media around the globe.

These skate shoes, in particular, are especially advantageous for skaters with flat feet. It has a wide-width design, provides comfort, and delivers arch support to prevent your flat feet from hurting.

It features an advanced Cupsole construction designed with ultimate comfort in mind.

It hugs the foot around with soft cushion material while also protecting against impact and shock. This significantly protects the heel area from getting hurt and injured when jumping and flipping.

Additionally, you will find a centralized foot wrap that helps the foot align.

People with flat feet tend to struggle to keep their feet centered, but this foot wrap helps enable them to have better board control.

The upper is made with premium quality suede for durability and style. It also features a large and puffy tongue straight out of the ’90s to keep the feet snug and comfortable.

Additionally, the side panel has tiny perforations which keep the shoes breathable despite the durable and stiff suede.

The insole highlights its STI System cushioning, which helps absorb and dispersion the impact across the insole.

Likewise, the STI Energy foam is employed for maximum impact protection and energy return giving you better responsiveness while skateboarding.

On the other hand, the outsole utilizes 400 NBS gum rubber allowing you to have a superior grip and maximum board feel that will last longer, making them an excellent choice for your skateboarding shoes for flat feet.

Vans Rowan Pro

Vans has definitely taken its time in developing the Rowan Pro skateboarding shoes.

They have combined their innovative technologies in one classic skate shoe, namely the all-new SickStick, PopCush, and DURACAP technology.

The SickStick outsole on the Rowan Pro shoes delivers an improved grip enabling you to stay on the board for longer.

This advanced rubber construction is also highly flexible and significantly more durable than other rubber materials.

On the other hand, the PopCush insole is designed to have more cushion material on the heels for maximum impact absorption and protection.

But as you go further to the toes, the cushion also gets thinner to the forefoot. This enables you to feel the board better without compromising heel protection.

This added cushion on the heels provides people with flat feet with just the right amount of structure and stability that they tend to lack without being too high that it feels unnatural and uncomfortable. 

It also snaps back to its original state, so it doesn’t pack and flatten down quickly.

This way, the foam can provide consistent shock absorption for longer to prevent foot fatigue and offers energy return for higher jumps and flips.

Finally, the DURACAP technology provides high-strength reinforcement on the toe cap to withstand regular wear and tear for longer-lasting skate shoes.

Skateboarding Shoes for Flat Feet

Final Words

Skateboarding with flat feet can be really painful, challenging, and uncomfortable. But with the right skateboarding shoes, you can conquer the skatepark without ending up with sore and injured feet.

Not all skate shoes are made the same that’s why you should be careful when choosing skateboarding shoes for flat feet.

Pay attention to the width sizes, insoles, and arch support to accommodate flat feet. This will keep you comfortable and prevent injuries which is crucial if you struggle with flat feet.

The products mentioned above are some of the most iconic skateboarding shoes to date, and they are for many reasons.

Not only are they stylish and famous, but they are also suitable for skaters with flat feet so make sure to check them out.

Furthermore, pair them with good skateboarding socks, and you are good to go!

FAQ on Skateboarding Shoes for Flat Feet

Q-1 Are there any skateboarding shoes specifically designed for flat feet?

Yes, there are skateboarding shoes specifically designed for flat feet. These shoes often have extra arch support, cushioning, and a flexible sole to provide the necessary support and comfort for flat feet.

Q-2 What materials should I look for in skateboarding shoes for flat feet?

Look for skateboarding shoes made with durable materials, such as leather or suede, and reinforced areas to withstand the wear and tear of skateboarding. Additionally, consider shoes with a flexible sole made of rubber or a similar material for good grip and board feel.

Q-3 Can I use regular skateboarding shoes for flat feet?

Regular skateboarding shoes may not provide enough support and comfort for flat feet. It is recommended to use shoes specifically designed for flat feet or to look for shoes with good arch support, cushioning, and a flexible sole.

By considering these FAQs, you can find the best skateboarding shoes for your flat feet in 2023, and enjoy the sport with comfort and support.

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