Best Socks for Skateboarding and Skating: Updated List for 2023

While skating and snowboarding, your feet need to be protected from various elements and situations that can hurt them. 

This is why skateboarding and skating socks are essential for your apparel.

Your feet will eventually start to hurt from the cold hard surfaces of the skate park or long hours of skating and practicing different board tricks, and therefore you must protect them adequately.

Socks for skateboarding and the best socks for roller skating offer various options to help you stay comfortable on any surface.

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From protective toe caps to padded soles, you’ll find options that will keep your feet feeling happy and protected – all while helping you get an edge on your favorite spots.

Picking out a pair of comfortable skates may seem like an easy choice, but there are several different factors you need to consider.

To help you out, check out the list below of five of the best socks for skateboarding and skating that are available this 2023.

Best Socks for Skateboarding & Skating for 2023

Socks for Skateboarding

Stance Icon Crew Socks

The Stance Icon crew socks are the best skateboarding socks you can buy; they offer the perfect balance of comfort, breathability, and durability to withstand everyday wear and tear.

These socks are made of 80% combed cotton, 15% polyester, 3% elastane, and 2% nylon.

This blend keeps them soft and supported under all conditions; the added elastane in the calf area will further ensure comfort and a snug fit.

These socks are carefully engineered with moderate cushioning to provide a secure fit with enhanced impact protection.

Moreover, it has strategic cushioning placed on the heels and toes to help absorb shock from high-impact activities. 

It also features arch support to keep your feet in proper alignment and gives you enhanced stability.

These Stance skateboarding socks are crew-style socks that hit just at the mid-point of your lower leg, giving you a classic look and added coverage.

You can get the Stance Icon Crew Socks in small to X-Large with neutral color options.

However, some users mentioned that these socks are not very durable, and the stitching can be improved since they sometimes come undone quickly, causing holes to appear after several washes.

Dickies Dri-tech Moisture Control Crew Socks

The Dickies Dri-Tech moisture control socks are designed to keep your feet dry, so if you have sweaty feet, these will do the trick for you.

These socks feature a moisture-wicking synthetic blend fabric that pulls sweat from the foot to the sock’s exterior, keeping feet dry and comfortable.

It is constructed with 78% Cotton, 19% Polyester, 2% Spandex, and 1% Nylon for lightweight comfort and durability.

Dickies utilizes their Dri-Tech Moisture Management Technology, an advanced moisture management system that wicks moisture away from your feet for long-lasting comfort.

Besides that, mesh ventilation channels are also incorporated to promote airflow and enhance breathability.

An arch compression band is embedded within the socks to provide a custom fit with every wear; this band offers added support and stability, preventing your socks from slipping down while skateboarding.

These socks also have soft-cushioned feet and sturdy reinforced heels and toes for that extra durability whenever needed.

In any case, the cushioning is relatively thin, so if your main priority is protection and cushioning, these may not be sufficient for you.

The Dickies Dri-tech Moisture Control Crew Socks are available in many sizes to fit every shoe size and come in solid colors.

Volcom Full Stone Sock

Built for comfort and style, the Full Stone Sock features a reinforced toe and heel that is impressively durable, making it an excellent choice for skateboarding and skating.

It gives you more confidence in your ability to stand tall on your board while protecting you from bumps and scrapes as you execute fun board tricks.

These are tough, yet comfortable socks made from 80% combed cotton, 18% stretch nylon, and a 2% polyester blend of materials.

The combination of polyester and spandex allows these socks to stretch for a snug, comfortable fit while still providing a natural feel that moves with you when you need it most.

On the other hand, the cotton gives it a super soft feel that makes it light, airy, and breathable.

The clean stitch lines are complemented by the Volcom Stone Logo on the sides of each sock for that stylish look; furthermore, they are available in black and white colors.

However, the Volcom Full Stone Sock comes in a one-size-fits-all option only.

M MONFOOT Athletic Performance Crew Socks

The M MONFOOT Athletic Performance Crew Socks are great for skateboarders who ride wild and rough. 

They are soft and very comfortable, perfect for skateboarders who skate just about every day, demanding durable socks that won’t let them down.

These Socks for Skateboarding are specially made to be lightweight while giving support and protection to the foot during skating.

It is specially made with polyester and spandex, ensuring maximum durability and staying soft even after tons of washes.

Furthermore, they are designed with a Run Dry Moisture Control system to manage and keep your feet dry; the sock absorbs any sweat and allows them to become fresh again.

Besides that, these also dry fast and wick away moisture preventing sweat and odor build-up while you’re skating.

These best skate socks feature an ultra-soft cushion that spreads across the sole for maximum comfort and superior performance. 

In addition, it helps distribute the pressure and impacts on the feet to reduce friction resulting in a more comfortable ride.

However, they don’t have added reinforcement on other high-wear areas.

The M MONFOOT Athletic Performance Crew Socks are available in sizes small to large; t also come in many colors and designs to match your aesthetic and outfit.

Sock It To Me Crew Socks

If you’re looking for something fun and extra adventurous, liven up your wardrobe with the Sock It To Me Crew Socks.

These socks feature funky food designs perfect for anyone who is a big gastronome. 

With whimsical illustrations and bright popping colors, these eye-catching socks are incredibly soft and comfortable for all-day wear.

They are made from a blend of 58% cotton, 40% polyester, and 2% spandex, making them both soft and durable.

The cotton and polyester construction makes these socks super soft and snug while allowing the colors to maintain their shine even after multiple wears.

This way, you can keep on sporting these bright socks, which will still look new even after many washes.

The spandex is also helpful in keeping the socks up all day and not bunching up and losing their shape.

Moreover, they are made of threads certified by OEKO-TEX Standard 100, guaranteeing that no harmful chemicals are used to keep your skin safe, happy, and irritation-free.

These socks are also thick and soft, plus the padding is there to protect your feet from pressure and friction when skateboarding; it also preserves the durability of the socks, making them last longer.

You can get the Sock It To Me Crew Socks in many different fun designs and colors; however, they are only available in one size.

Things to Consider While Buying Skateboarding & Skating Socks

Socks for Skateboarding


When buying socks for skateboarding or skating, the suitable materials will go a long way in making your riding experience safe and more comfortable.

There’s an array of materials you can choose from when it comes to skateboarding and skating.

Nevertheless, when it comes to bringing your feet up into the air, there’s one thing that stays consistent: quality materials. 

Irrespective of where you choose to purchase your new pair of socks, make sure they’re of good quality.

Comfort is a significant concern for many skaters as they often spend long hours in their skating shoes and skateboards.

Ideally, you want thick and soft socks to absorb pressure and friction when skateboarding. 

This will give you a more comfortable ride while protecting your feet from the rigors of performing tricks on your board.

You should also pay attention to the longevity of the socks; they should be made of materials that can withstand prolonged wear and abuse without getting torn or damaged over time.

In addition, you will also need something that is breathable and has moisture-wicking properties. 

Again, skateboarding puts your feet under a lot of pressure and friction, which can cause your feet to accumulate heat and sweat, making you uncomfortable over time.

The right combination of materials will determine your Best skateboarding socks’ durability, breathability, and comfort. 

The most common and preferred material used for skateboarding socks is cotton blended with other materials such as Polyester, spandex, or Nylon to achieve all these.


One thing that sets skateboarding socks apart from regular socks is the amount of cushioning.

Skateboarding socks are thicker than other types of socks because they are designed to absorb the impact of landing on skateboard decks.

Skateboarding or skating socks are specifically made to offer comfort and durability due to the nature of the activity. 

In addition, this makes them super convenient for skaters due to their everyday exposure to abrasions, cuts, and scrapes.

Always invest in socks that are made to reduce the amount of pressure on your feet. 

Furthermore, well-cushioned socks will also prevent your feet from sliding ahead in the heels and making you uncomfortable while skateboarding.

Also, look for socks with padding throughout the sole; this will help you utilize your board more effectively and safely.

Aside from that, look for targeted cushioning placed on high-wear areas; this extra padding will protect your feet as certain tricks can put intense pressure on them.

For instance, sock manufacturers typically add targeted cushioning in high-wear areas such as thick heel padding and reinforced toes. 

This will help to absorb the impact from hard landings and sharp deceleration and acceleration.

This will also contribute to the overall durability of the socks, ensuring that they will last longer.

Sock Size and Height

When looking for skateboarding & skating socks, keep in mind that you want the socks to be comfortable without being too restrictive or slipping off quickly.

The right size fits your foot appropriately without being too tight or too loose; you need to ensure that they are comfortable enough to wear and do not restrict your movements.

If your socks fit too snugly, they could rub blisters against your feet; if they’re too loose, you could lose control of the board. 

In essence, both will be very uncomfortable, so ensure proper sizing before committing to a pair.

Another thing to note is the height of the socks- many skaters prefer long socks such as crew or knee-high Socks for Skateboarding and their practicality.

The extra height can protect the shins and legs from the skateboard when turning or flipping at high speed.

Also, they can be a great addition if you have flat feet and are wearing skateboarding shoes for flat feet.

Final Words

If you are a serious skateboarder or just want to improve your skating skills, invest in appropriate clothing, and yes, that includes socks.

Socks are one of the essential pieces that are often overlooked but should not be at any cost since they protect your feet, keep you comfortable, and spice up your outfit simultaneously.

Even if you’re just getting started with skateboarding, getting a pair of quality, clean skating socks is a must-have investment.

Different types of socks are available in the market with multiple designs, styles, and sizes, so you should always select the best one that fits your feet perfectly.

FAQ on the best socks for skateboarding and skating

Q-1 What material are the best socks for skateboarding and skating made of?

The best socks for skateboarding and skating are usually made of moisture-wicking, breathable, and durable materials such as polyester, nylon, or a blend of both.

Q-2 How thick should my skateboarding or skating socks be?

Skateboarding and skating socks should be medium thickness, not too thin to provide adequate protection, but not too thick to cause discomfort while wearing skate shoes.

Q-3 Do I need special socks for skateboarding or inline skating?

Yes, it’s recommended to wear specially designed socks for skateboarding and inline skating as they provide better protection and cushioning for your feet.

Q-4 Can I wear regular socks while skateboarding or inline skating?

You can wear regular socks while skateboarding or inline skating, but they may not provide the necessary protection and comfort as compared to specially designed socks.

Q-5 What are the benefits of wearing socks specifically made for skateboarding and inline skating?

Socks specifically made for skateboarding and inline skating are designed to provide better protection, comfort, and fit while participating in these activities. They are often made of breathable materials and have added cushioning in areas where your feet need it most.

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